09/08/2017 – Pennsylvania Politician Seeks Poker Ban

PPA Update from Rich Muny, Vice President

PPA Update from Rich Muny, Vice President

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Federal Update

While PPA is firmly on offense in the fight for poker, our opposition has not given up. The anti-poker lobby, led by billionaire casino owner Sheldon Adelson, continues its multi-million dollar push to shut down our right to play and the right of states to authorize it.

Sadly, Pennsylvania Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick has joined with the small cadre of federal lawmakers seeking a federal ban on our game. Perhaps not surprisingly, Adelson’s Pennsylvania casino, Sands Bethlehem, is located just outside Rep. Fitzpatrick’s district.

Fitzpatrick joins anti-poker Pennsylvania Rep. Charlie Dent — whose Congressional district is home to Sands Bethlehem — in asking the federal government to usurp the powers of their own state. I encourage you to read a terrific PennLive op-ed by former Rep. Ron Paul in opposition to their ban efforts. From the op-ed:

U.S. Rep. Charlie Dent, R-15th District, is trying to add a rider to legislation funding the Justice Department making online gambling a federal crime.

It is bad enough that Dent, of Allentown, wants to sneak an expansion of federal power into a massive spending bill.

But his proposed ban on online gambling violates the principles of federalism and threatens the constitutional rights of all Americans, regardless of whether they gamble online.

Three states, New Jersey, Delaware, and Nevada, have legalized online gaming. Dent’s amendment would nullify these state laws, as well as cut off debate in the several states considering legalizing online gaming.

One of those states currently debating legalizing online gambling is Pennsylvania…

It is not clear that the Congress has any appetite to shut down the states on online poker and online casino-style gaming, but we are not taking any chances. It is clear Adelson and his Capitol Hill cronies are not going away. We all need to keep up the pressure on these anti-poker lawmakers to ensure they know the American people want — and demand — the right to play poker.

Take Action

Please take a moment to make & like pro-poker tweets in reply to Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf, asking him to push for passage of iPoker bill H.B. 271: HERE

Please also send anti-poker a prefilled, editable poker tweet to anti-poker Pennsylvania Representatives Brian Fitzpatrick and Charlie Dent: prefilled tweet

Poker Advocacy with Rich Muny Webcast

On a recent webcast, longtime iGaming advocate Jay Todd and I discussed the two Pennsylvania congressmen who want Congress to undercut their own state’s legislative process on iGaming, Ultimate Bet / Absolute Poker victim remission, and the fight for poker. Please be sure to check it out.

And, on another recent webcast, PPA Colorado State Director and OnTilt Radio CEO Robin Jones and I discussed poker legislation and activism. Please be sure to check it out too.

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