What is happening?

There is a growing movement in America to legalize sports betting. In fact, last year the U.S. Supreme Court heard a landmark case that seeks to challenge the constitutionality of a federal sports betting prohibition. A decision in the case is expected later this year. The story has been getting national attention in the media, and lawmakers across the country are introducing -- and even passing -- bills to position their states after the Supreme Court ruling.

Not surprisingly, the gambling industry and the sports leagues are positioning as well. As stakeholders grapple with common ground and a sensible approach, it makes sense that we consumers should have a voice in public policy that will impact us on a state-by-state basis as well as federally.

What is PPA doing?

We know many poker players enjoy an intelligent gamble. That is why oftentimes poker players enjoy testing their skills by betting on sporting events and participating in fantasy sports. We hear from PPA members regularly about sports betting, and a recent survey revealed that 90 percent of our membership supports regulation of sports betting (and other forms of internet gambling) alongside the regulation of poker.

Unquestionably, there is growing interest in legal sports betting, and this year we are likely to see a major change in public policy surrounding the activity. Thusly, PPA wants to know, 1) how our community views sports betting and the current debate; and, 2) is there a need to organize sports betting enthusiasts in a way that PPA has built a poker advocacy community?

To be clear, we are not taking any formal action or position on sports betting at this time. We first want to know what you think. Here is how you can help us:

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