[Press Release] PPA Sports Betting Survey Reveals Strong Support for Legalization and Advocacy


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PPA Sports Betting Survey Reveals Strong Support for Legalization and Advocacy

WASHINGTON, D.C. (March 01, 2018) – Today, the Poker Players Alliance -- the leading poker and internet gaming advocacy group – released topline results of its Sports Betting Survey. The purpose of the survey is to gauge awareness of sports betting issues and determine whether there is a desire for member activism in support of legalization. The survey was open from February 8th until February 23rd and gathered opinions from nearly 1,000 respondents.

“The survey confirms that there is a solid cross section of the poker community who also enjoy wagering on sporting events. Moreover, there is considerable interest in advocating for sports betting legalization in the states, not only because survey respondents support the policy, but also because they believe that it would bolster efforts to pass legislation authorizing internet poker,” said PPA President Rich Muny.

Over 90 percent of respondents support changes in federal and state laws to legalize sports betting. Just under 70 percent of respondents support PPA expanding its advocacy efforts to encompass sports betting versus 17 percent opposed, with the remainder undecided.

For complete topline survey results click here.

“This is extremely useful data as we chart the future of PPA. There are no other organized grassroots in the United States that advocate for expanded gaming opportunities. PPA is in a unique position to help advance sensible sports betting policy at the state and federal level. One thing is clear; regardless of how the Supreme Court rules on the constitutionality of PASPA, there will continue to be vigorous debate about sports betting legalization, and consumer voices will be imperative to influencing lawmakers,” stated Muny. “While PPA has primarily fought for the interests of poker players, since 2013 -- when iGaming advocacy turned into a state-by-state fight – PPA has advocated for broad-based internet gambling legalization in state capitals and defended against federal efforts to ban internet poker, internet casino gaming, and internet lotteries,” added Muny.

At this time, PPA is considering the opinions shared in the Sports Betting Survey and will be making a determination on how best to engage, or whether to engage at all, on sports betting.

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