Bring iPoker to Michigan

Internet Poker is Pure Michigan
Tell the State House to Focus on iGaming Legislation

Internet poker and iGaming have been on the Michigan legislative radar for a couple of years and momentum is building. Because of your advocacy efforts lawmakers are now taking the issue very seriously. We are at a critical juncture and with just a few clicks you can urge members of the Michigan House to support H. 4926 – a bill that will legalize internet poker and iGaming!

Here is how you can help:

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Tweet these MI State Legislative Members (Open to Everyone)

Please send a pre-filled Tweet to these targeted lawmakers. We need their support for legal internet poker to become a reality. Simply click on each lawmaker and send your message.

  • Abdullah Hammoud
  • Brian Elder
  • Steven Johnson
  • Julie Calley
  • LaTanya Garrett
  • Pam Faris
  • Tom Cochran
  • Rob VerHeulen
  • Sheldon Neeley
  • Tommy Brann
  • Vanessa Guerra
  • Winnie Brinks
  • MI House GOP
  • MI House Dems

Send an Email to Your State House Representative (MI residents ONLY)

Yes, people still read email. And it still matters in politics. In just 30 seconds and you can send an email directly to your State House member telling him/her to support H. 4926.

It only takes 30 seconds to get this email directly into the inboxes of your elected officials. Please click the button below and make your voice heard!

Call Your State House Representative (MI residents ONLY)

Finally, the sound of your voice is the most powerful advocacy weapon you have. Don’t let it go to waste. Please use the form below and you can get the info you need to call your local House Member’s office.

What to Say:

  • I am a constituent and voter who lives in [your town/city].
  • Please tell [name of your Rep.] to support H. 4926.
  • The bill protects consumers and will raise millions in revenue without raising taxes.

Find A Representative:
(Search by District or Residential Address)

District Number:
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Zip Code:  

What to Expect:

You will likely talk to an intern or staffer dedicated to constituent services. They will take down your name, opinion and relay that information for your representative. Many offices tally the number of constituents that call to support or oppose various issues.

Please try to call between 9am - 5pm local time. In general, it's better to speak to a person than to leave a voicemail.

What Else Can I Do?

  • Word of mouth: Many don't know about the iPoker bills, use social media and email to tell them about this page (! More voices means more reasons for elected officials to take action.

  • Subscribe: Over the next few months, the PPA will keep Michigan residents updated on the progress of the bills and when additional actions need to be taken. If you haven't already, subscribe to the PPA mailing list.