Take Action to Support Poker Rights

1) Email your Elected Representatives

Simply click on the buttons below and in less than 60 seconds you can send a prewritten, fully editable letter directly to the email inbox of your elected state and federal representatives! Either send as is or, better yet, edit the letter a bit to tell them in your own words to support your poker freedom.

2) Call your Elected Representatives

It is as easy as picking up the phone. Call the offices of your governor, your representative, and your two senators, and ask them to support licensing of online poker. This should be a short, friendly call where you simply ask that they support your poker rights.

Simply tell them that you are a constituent, voter, and poker player, and ask them to support state and federal efforts to license and regulate Internet poker.

Tell the staffer who answers the phone:
  • I am a constituent, voter and a poker enthusiast.
  • I want the Governor/Senator/Congressman to support state and federal efforts to license and regulate Internet poker.
  • Regulation means strong consumer protections as well as billions of dollars in revenue.
  • Please support my freedoms.
  • Thank you and I would like a response from the Governor/Representative/Senator.

Enter your ZIP Code and click "Submit It" to get their phone numbers
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Clicking "Submit It" will take you to information provided by a third party website Congressmerge.com.

Or click here to use our PPA Facebook app.

After your call, use the following link to let us know how the call went. This is important for tracking calls to Members of Congress: http://go.theppa.org/callfeedback 

4) Meet directly with your lawmakers

Nothing is more effective to convey a message than face-to-face interaction. The PPA has made requesting a local meeting with your lawmaker and his/her staff very easy. Use our Poker Meeting application via Facebook to request your local meeting today. We will send you everything you need for your meeting. Just contact the office and set up a meeting. We will provide you with talking points, a letter you can present at the meeting and even a map to your Member's District Office.

5) Communicate on social networks

Nearly every governor, senator, and Member of Congress is on Facebook and/or uses Twitter to communicate with his/her constituents. In fact, last year Congressman Joe Barton publicly stated that hearing from poker enthusiasts via Facebook helped motivate him to introduce his online poker bill in 2010. Simply visit your governors', representatives' and senators' Facebook pages and post a message asking that they support.

6) Reach out to the media

Getting this issue out in the mainstream press is an important component to building momentum behind the bill. We encourage you to send a “Letter to the Editor” to your local paper to praise state and federal online poker legislation and to encourage your state’s lawmakers to support it. Many PPA members have taken this action and dozens of letters were published! Let’s keep the good work up and send your letter to the editor today.

It is also important that if you see an online news story about poker legislation that you take a moment to comment on it (if the story allows for public comments online). The more comments/interest a story receives; the more likely that news outlet will commit more time covering the issue. This is a great and easy way for us to get more attention for our poker rights!

To find local media contact information, please click here.

7) Join the PPA as a PAID member

For just $15.00 a year, you can become a member of the PPA and help us win the fight for poker. Ante up and become a 2013 paid member of the PPA and receive an official PPA t-shirt (while supplies last) and exclusive member benefits. Join today!

8) Join our Social Networks

The PPA has some of the best social networks in the poker world. These are a great way to communicate with us and other players. Become a fan of the PPA on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. While you are at it, update your status or send a tweet asking people to visit this webpage and take action!

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9) Promote on the Web

PPA has created a series of animated and non-animated banners to help raise awareness. Click here to go to the full gallery of banners.

Now is the Time for the Poker Community to Stand Strong for Our Rights!