[KY] Selected Coverage of Battle for Internet Poker in Kentucky

Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear Seeks to Ban Online Poker


Kentucky Supreme Court Hearing

Recently Filed Court Documents:

Appellees’ Briefs (06/01/09)

PPA Amicus Curiae Brief (05/12/09)

KY Appeal of Court of Appeals Decision (01/21/09)

Opinion of KY Court of Appeals (01/20/09)

Recent Press:

[Press Release] Kentucky Supreme Court to Hear Arguments Thursday on Internet Domain Name Seizure Case (10/19/09)

[Press Release] PPA Statement on Commonwealth of Kentucky Appeal of Domain Name Seizure Ruling

[Press Release] Poker Players Alliance Reaction To Today’s Kentucky Court Of Appeals Ruling (01/20/09)

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official court documents
coalition organizations
send a letter and/or call (Kentucky Residents Only) – Over 2000 Letters Sent

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official court documents:

Commonwealth of Kentucky’s Response to Consolidated Petitions for Writ of Prohibition (11/21/08)

PPA Amicus Brief for Kentucky Case (11/13/08)

Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Amicus Brief for Kentucky Case (11/13/08)

Network Solutions Amicus Brief for Kentucky Case (11/13/08)

Opinion on 08-CI-01409 – Judge Thomas Wingate, Franklin Circuit Court (10/16/08)

Amicus Brief – Poker Players Alliance (09/26/08)

Order of Seizure of Domain Names – Commonwealth of Kentucky (09/18/08)

coalition organizations:

Interactive Gaming Council
Interactive Media Entertainment and Gaming Association
Bluegrass Institute
Americans for Tax Reform

send a PPA letter and/or call (Kentucky Residents Only): Over 2000 Letters Sent

Send a Letter to KY Governor Steve Beshear

Send a Letter to your State Legislative Officials and Justice & Public Safety Cabinet Secretary J. Michael Brown to Oppose the Governor’s Actions

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  • You’re opposed to his attempt to restrict your online freedoms.
  • He should support the regulation and licensing of online poker.
  • He shouldn’t expect poker players to support any future casino legalization bills that don’t treat online poker fairly and equally.
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