Weekly Update: Poker Advocacy Fight Continues Expanding Across America! (01/16/2013)

January 16th, 2013

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Weekly Update from Rich Muny, VP of Player Relations

Monday evening’s Poker Advocacy with Rich Muny webcast featured most of the PPA Board of Directors (PPA Executive Director John Pappas, 2004 WSOP Champion Greg Raymer, First Lady of Poker Linda Johnson, Litigation Support Network Director Patrick Fleming, and I). We had a great roundtable chat on our expectations for 2013, which was broadcast live.

If you missed the live show, I encourage you to check out the podcast HERE. You can left-click to listen directly or right-click to save the podcast for listening later. We all hope you will find it interesting and enjoyable!

What’s PPA Doing in January?

For online poker, New Jersey is the state to watch this month. Their legislature overwhelmingly passed Internet poker legislation. That bill is awaiting Gov. Chris Christie’s signature.

PPA has sent alerts out to the New Jersey membership asking them to phone, email, Tweet, and Facebook the governor with requests for support for the online poker bill. PPA also created a dedicated action page for New Jersey residents here. Gov. Christie has just three more weeks to sign (or veto) the bill, so let’s keep up the full-court press!

California is a strong candidate for Internet poker, with legislation pending in their legislature. We’re keeping a good eye on Massachusetts, Iowa, New York, and Illinois as well, as they have indicated interest in this. Additionally, members in the state of Washington are working to put together an initiative drive aimed at repealing the criminalization of playing online poker in that state, replacing it instead with authorized online poker.

For bricks-and-mortar poker, Texas is looking at authorizing card rooms. PPA backs that bill and is asking its Texas members to tell Governor Perry, their state senators, and state representatives to back this.

Not all of us reside in a top-tier state. For example, I reside in Kentucky. For us, it is my belief that the best shot is to back the efforts in states like New Jersey and California while, simultaneously, telling our own governors, state senators, and state reps to support poker in all its forms. Once a few of these states move forward and join Nevada and Delaware in passing online poker legislation, many more states will start falling like dominoes — as we saw with state lotteries and bricks-and-mortar casino gaming.

Take Action for Poker

Let’s encourage New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to sign his state’s online poker bill! Simply send the prefilled, editable poker tweet HERE and comment on his Facebook wall HERE. Please also take a moment to call your governor and ask him/her to back poker. Click HERE for contact information. I realize not everyone uses Twitter and Facebook, so let’s all be sure to make the call!

Upcoming Appearances:
  • Webcast: “PPA Weekly Update” airs live each Sunday at 6:45 pm ET/3:45 pm PT on Fifth Street Radio. Listen live here.
  • The Poker Advocacy with Rich Muny webcast on OnTilt Radio airs live each Monday at 8 pm ET/5 pm PT. Listen live here. You can follow the program on Facebook at facebook.com/PokerAdvocacy, and on Twitter at @PokerAdvocacy. The show site is ontiltradio.com/ppa. The program has been nominated for a number of OnTilt Radio awards. You can vote for your favorites at ontiltradio.com/thetiltys
Recent appearances:
  • OnTilt Radio (1/14): “Poker Advocacy with Rich Muny.” As I mentioned above, I was joined by PPA Board members John Pappas, Greg Raymer, Linda Johnson and Patrick Fleming for a terrific discussion on expectations for 2013! (listen here or on iTunes here).
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