Weekly Update: The Fight for Poker Rights in 2013 (01/09/2013)

January 8th, 2013

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Weekly Update from Rich Muny, VP of Player Relations

I am proud of the efforts so many in the poker community made to advocate for poker legislation in 2012. We made great strides and are well-positioned to win over more states in 2013! As this happens, I expect even more to join, like falling dominoes. Let’s all be sure to commit ourselves to making this happen!

The State of Poker in 2013, by PPA Executive Director John Pappas

Happy New Year poker players and enthusiasts! As 2013 starts, I want to quickly look back on some of the momentum that was built this past year. 2012 brought more allies to the fight for a regulated Internet poker marketplace. Even a longtime opponent of Internet gaming like Senator Jon Kyl worked earnestly and in good faith to draft federal law that would have licensed online poker in the U.S. Just as significant, numerous Indian Tribes changed their positions and came out in support of regulated online poker. Even state lotteries, while they did not support this federal bill, made it very clear that they wish to bring Internet games — including poker — to the states.

A few states moved forward with Internet poker in 2012. Nevada became the first state to license Internet poker operators, with real money play starting later this year! Delaware passed a law that allows them to offer online poker and online casino style games to their residents, and New Jersey sent an online poker and online casino gaming bill to the governor’s desk that awaits his signature. PPA supported and advocated for all three of these historic bills.

On the legal front, the poker community scored a major victory when a federal court ruled, unambiguously, that poker is a game of skill. As you know, PPA played a major role in this case and helped develop and present the facts that ultimately led to the judge’s historic opinion.

2012 brought out more poker activists than we’ve ever had. PPA has never been stronger as a grassroots advocacy organization. Tens of thousands of poker players and enthusiasts used email, phone calls, Twitter, and Facebook to contact their elected officials. PPA State Directors from across the country took the initiative to organize local poker players and enthusiasts for the cause. The PPA Leadership Team also crossed the map to meet directly with members through our “Poker Town Halls” held in Florida, Nevada, greater Ohio, and Massachusetts.

There is much to looks back on with pride and strong reason to look forward to our future. With the latest federal effort behind us, it has become clear that last year’s dysfunctional Congress was a huge obstacle in our mission to secure safe and regulated Internet poker. Sadly, the prospects of the partisan Congress working together in 2013 does not look promising.

More and more, the fight for Internet poker is moving to the states. In the wake of the Justice Department decision that the Wire Act does not apply to online poker, states are sending strong signals that they intend to push for Internet poker legislation, including California, Massachusetts, Iowa, New York, and Illinois. It is likely that, as state legislatures reconvene in the coming weeks, several more will follow! Thusly, we will be largely focusing our efforts on passing player-friendly bills in the states where legislative action is brewing.

To be clear, PPA is not abandoning Washington D.C. We are headquartered in the nation’s capital and I will be advocating for players in the halls of Congress. We will also stay alert so that our opponents in Washington D.C. do not attempt to restrict our rights even further by passing draconian laws that criminalize players or prevent the states from regulating online poker. With an anti-gaming Congressman like Rep. Bob Goodlatte as the newly-elected Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, we rightfully need to remain on guard.

As PPA increases its focus on the states, the advocacy efforts of the poker community will continue to be the most important asset in the fight for our collective poker rights. Over the coming weeks and months, PPA will be working with our members even more directly. We will hold more Town Halls in 2013. We are also developing innovative ways to facilitate communication with the poker community. And, look for our highly successful “Washington D.C. Fly-Ins” to be replicated in key states.

When I became the Executive Director of the PPA in Fall 2007, the organization was just starting to get its voice. Five years later, the poker community is at full throat. We have become one of the strongest single-issue advocacy organizations on Capitol Hill. We will amplify that activism across the country in 2013.

This is an exciting time. It is still a challenging environment for poker players, and the road ahead will not be easy, but nothing worth winning ever is. PPA will never fold in this fight!

I thank you, your family, and your friends for your continued support in the fight for our rights.

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