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December 20th, 2011

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Take the Poker Survey – Win an Apple iPad2!

If you haven’t done so already, please take a few minutes and participate in this very important poker survey. Your answers and input will help us make the case to lawmakers that licensing and regulation of online poker is the right way to go. The survey is completely anonymous, and your personal information will not be shared with anyone. Click on the button below to begin the survey and help the PPA help you! The survey will remain open until December 30th noon EST. Once you’ve fully completed the survey, your name will be entered into a drawing for a brand new Apple iPad2. The iPad2 prize winner will be announced on January 3rd, 2012.

Take the poker survey – Win an Apple iPad2!

Weekly Update from Rich Muny, VP of Player Relations

We at PPA wish everyone in the poker community a healthy and happy holiday season. Thank you all for your continued support!

With poker legislation pending in the House and with the poker issue continuing to gain momentum nationwide, it is clear that 2012 will be a year of great opportunity for us. It will also be a year of challenges. That is why it is important for all of us to participate in this fight. I ask that everyone keep active in 2012 to ensure that we are heard on Capitol Hill. We can win this if we all take a stand for our rights!

To win this fight, it is vitally important for all of us to remain unified and to speak with one voice, one goal, and one mission. This is one reason PPA has been so vigilant in reaching out to the poker community with what I believe to be the most open communication of any group of our size. We need the poker community to understand what PPA is doing and why, and we need to ensure that we hear and act on the concerns of the poker community. After all, PPA is not a “they”. It is our shared fight as poker players and enthusiasts. You can expect PPA to keep this up in 2012 and beyond.

I look forward to the New Year and to the poker community continuing to make itself heard on Capitol Hill and across the country!


Speaking of unity, I. Nelson Rose, a law professor with expertise on gaming law, has chosen to attack online poker supporter Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX). These attacks were made on CalvinAyre.com on October 21st (listen here), on OnTilt Radio on December 5th, and in a recent column in Poker Player Newspaper (here). The attacks center not on issues of the legislation itself, or even of poker-related issues. Rather, they focus on Rep. Barton’s politics and on Rose’s apparent disagreement with them. This is unfortunate and, in my opinion, very misguided. It is sad that Rose chose to insert his personal politics into our fight.

A key component of PPA’s legislative strategy has been to earn the support of lawmakers from both sides of the aisle. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act passed the House in 2006 as HR 4411, a freestanding bill at the time, by a margin of 317-93. It had the support of majorities of House Democrats and Republicans alike. As we have opponents on both sides of the aisle, it is clear that we need bipartisan support for our fight. Additionally, as many elected representatives from that era remain in Congress, it is equally clear that victory requires past “nays” to become “yays”. The poker community celebrates when this occurs. I know I do, and I know you all do as well!

Rep. Barton believes in our right to play. He was especially well-spoken and passionate in defense of our game at the hearing on online poker held by the House Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing, and Trade on October 25th. He is a great champion for the cause and has earned the support of the poker community.

I believe Professor Rose should keep his attacks on Rep. Barton separate from activities where he is claiming to speak for the poker community. He ought not bring his personal politics into our fight.


PPA comes before poker media to take on the tough questions as often as possible. I hope you will find these interesting and informative.

Upcoming appearances:
Recent appearances:

Again, I thank you for your continued support and for allowing me this tremendous opportunity to represent you in this fight!

Join the PPA for a discount price, limited time only, join before the year ends!

After three major congressional hearings on our issue over the last several weeks, the conversations among elected officials and staff on Capitol Hill isn’t “if” there will be online poker in the U.S., it’s “when” and “how”. Join Today!

The PPA is making real progress on Capitol Hill.  This year we have created some fantastic new membership premiums to make becoming a member even more enticing.  By joining the PPA, you can choose among numerous membership benefits, including an official PPA t-shirt, or official PPA tournament hat, and other benefits.

Will you join today as a 2012 member for the special price of just $15?  

The PPA wishes to keep active members like yourself updated on the latest poker advocacy news by periodically sending out select events and headlines. We hope you find it informative and thank you for your continuing support.

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