Update: Internet Gaming Hearing, Interviews, and more – 11/1/2011

November 1st, 2011

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Weekly Update from Rich Muny, VP of Player Relations

Thank you all for taking the time to stand up for our right to play. As you know, this paid off for us big time last week, as we were heard by the House Subcommittee for Commerce, Manufacturing, and Trade. This hearing was a direct result of the advocacy of the poker community. You can watch the full 2½ hour committee hearing and read articles about the hearing here.  

I was impressed with PPA Chairman D’Amato’s testimony. I was also impressed with the impassioned support of Congressman Joe Barton (R-TX), sponsor of HR 2366, the Online Poker Act. His strong pro-poker statements really demonstrated the impact of our efforts in educating Capitol Hill on the support the game of poker enjoys across the nation.

To help continue this momentum, will you please bookmark the Fight for Poker Rights daily action plan and participate in these actions? If we all take just a few minutes a day here, we will make a huge difference in this fight:

Fight for Poker Rights Daily Action Plan on Two Plus Two
Fight for Poker Rights Daily Action Plan on PocketFives
Fight for Poker Rights Daily Action Plan on Deuces Cracked

Some members have shared with me their reluctance to join social networks due to privacy concerns. Fortunately, we can sign up for YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook with pseudonyms if we wish not to divulge personal information.

The poker community has been very effective on social media, so it makes sense for us to utilize this community core competency. These are very beneficial activities for us because they provide objective evidence to lawmakers of support and passion for our position, while simultaneously showing a lack of active opposition. In other words, these efforts really do make a difference.

Membership Deal

As we mentioned last week, PPA has a new membership promotion. For just $15, you can join or extend your current membership through the end of 2012. New and renewing members get a nice shirt or a hat. I hope everyone will consider an upgraded or extended membership. It is important for us all to have some skin in the game, so to speak. I know times are tough for many right now, but if this is within your means, please consider a premium membership today. Thanks!

To sign up or to get more information, please click here.

PPA comes before poker media to take on the tough questions as often as possible, as the questions we receive at these interviews are representative of the issues in which the poker community is most interested. 

PPA Chairman former Senator Alfonse D’Amato and I appeared on QuadJacks Poker Radio immediately after the House subcommittee hearing. Click here to listen to our recap of the hearing and our discussion on the fight going forward. 

I appeared on Short Stacked Radio last Tuesday as well (click here to listen…I come on at time point 1:28:50), where I answered many member questions. I will be back on their program this evening (11/1) at 9:30 pm ET. You can listen live at http://shortstackedradio.com/radio. If you have a question for me that you would like me to address on the show, please email it to me so I can answer it for you.


The PPA wishes to keep active members like yourself updated on the latest poker advocacy news by periodically sending out select events and headlines. We hope you find it informative and thank you for your continuing support.

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