Update: Study Dispels Problem Gambling Myths, New HR2366 Cosponsors – 7/22/2011

July 22nd, 2011

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New Study Dispels Problem Gambling Myths

This week, Harvard Medical School’s Division on Addictions released a report exploring the causes and prevalence of problem gambling entitled “Disordered Gambling: Etiology, Trajectory, and Clinical Considerations.” Despite the overly academic title, the study itself is a straightforward look at the root causes of problem gambling. The study concludes that, even with greater accessibility to gambling opportunities (lotteries, land-based casinos, Internet, etc.), the rate of problem gambling over the past 35 years has remained flat. 

Interestingly, the lead author’s previous work in this area has been cited erroneously by Internet poker opponents to claim that Internet poker is a gateway to addiction. Prof. Schaffer’s latest study clearly demonstrates that this is not the case. 

Chicago Tribune: The real effects of gambling
The full report is here

To be clear, problem gambling is a real issue for some. We encourage all of our members to be aware of their behaviors and to assess their poker play regularly. Please take a moment to visit the Responsible Poker resource page on the PPA website to learn more about being a smart poker player. 

PPA on Capitol Hill
With Congress remaining in session to handle the debt crisis, the PPA is taking advantage of the opportunity to meet with Representatives and staff to educate them on the merits of Internet poker legislation. Through our work this week, we have added six new cosponsors to H.R. 2366, the Online Poker Act of 2011. We expect next week to bring even more supporters — Republicans and Democrats alike — to the bill’s bipartisan cosponsor roll. 

Now more than ever we need you to be advocates for the game. Please take a moment early next week to call your member of Congress to tell them to support H.R. 2366. For talking points and a summary of the bill click here.

The PPA wishes to keep active members like yourself updated on the latest poker advocacy news by periodically sending out select events and headlines. We hope you find it informative and thank you for your continuing support.


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