Hearing: The State of Online Gaming

Make Your Voice Heard!

On Tuesday, December 10th a U.S. Congressional Committee will hold a hearing on the future of online poker in America. The Poker Players Alliance has been invited to testify at this important hearing and we need your support. We are asking all poker players to contact EVERY member of the Committee via Twitter* and by phone* by using our new advocacy page. Simply fill out the info below and you will be taken to a page where you can tell these members of Congress that you support legislation to license and regulate Internet poker!

Opponents of online poker are lobbying hard for state and federal bans on online poker (and online casino gaming as well). They will be at the hearing in full force, opposing our right to play at every turn. So, needless to say, it’s time to act.

Please Tweet and call every member of this committee!

When calling please remember to tell them:
  1. Please attend the December 10 hearing on Internet Poker
  2. Please support licensing and regulation of Internet Poker
  3. Regulation is the best way to protect consumers, not a misguided prohibition

Please fill out the form below and take action today to defend your right to play!

* Please note when you click the "Phone" button you will receive a call on the number you provided and you will be automatically patched through to the members office.