[MO] Charitable poker dances at law's edge – The Kansas City Star (10/06/08)

October 7th, 2008


Texas Hold ‘Em charity poker tournaments have been proliferating for years at the fringe of state gambling laws.

The latest manifestation is scheduled for Saturday night[10-11] in Kansas City and aims to raise money for a very good cause — the area YouthFriends[vf] mentoring program.

However, the event’s location — the Grand Boulevard offices of the Kansas City law firm Lathrop and Gage, —represents a crossing of the Rubicon for this phenomenon of unlicensed poker playing for fun and profit.

Law enforcement authorities have shown almost no appetite to police these games and fund raisers know it. The bold, albeit one-night existence of the L&G Casino begs the question where this unregulated trend might be headed. Will some enterprising charity open a 24/7 poker room? Or floating craps game? And the scam artists won’t be far behind.

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Author Contact Info: Rick Alm, The Kansas City Star

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