Take Action: Fight Back Against Online Poker Prohibition Effort

Thanks to those who took action last year against the “Restoration of America’s Wire ACT” (RAWA). Thousands of letters and tweets were sent to Congress voicing your opinion. 

But the fight isn’t over and the bill has been reintroduced.
Take action today!

You can help defeat H.R. 707, Representative Jason Chaffetz’s online poker prohibition bill.

Last year, Senator Lindsey Graham and Congressman Jason Chaffetz — allying with the "Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling" – introduced federal legislation to ban online poker throughout the nation, including the three states that have already licensed and regulated Internet poker.  

On February 4, 2015, Representative Chaffetz reintroduced this bill which would expand the Wire Act of 1961 – a bill that obviously never contemplated the Internet - to prohibit state-level licensing and regulation of online poker, making Washington D.C. politicians the decision makers. This is a misguided prohibition, plain and simple. Prohibition protects no one. It’s imperative that you take time today to remind your elected officials that licensing and regulation is the way to protect consumers.  

Make your voice be heard! Take these actions TODAY! 

1. Email Your Congressional Lawmakers
2. Send Tweets to Congress
3. Share This Page
4. Support the PPA

1. Email Your Congressional Lawmakers

Sending an email is a quick and easy way to make your voice heard. In just 60 seconds, you can send this pre-filled, fully editable letter to your representative and both of your senators, urging them to oppose an online poker prohibition.

Thousands Already Sent, Join the Fight!

2. Send Tweets to Congress

The Judiciary Committees in the House and Senate has jurisdiction over this issue and the members of these committees need to be some the first to hear from the poker community. Please take a moment to tweet each member of the Committee. This is a FAST and EFFECTIVE way of getting our message out that an Internet poker prohibition is bad public policy.

Latest Tweets - Thousands Already Tweeted, Join the Fight!

3. Share this Page on Your Social Media and Forward to Friends

Please spread the word about this page to your local poker buddies, card rooms, and related poker organizations. The poker community and its supporters rank in the millions, and if you can help create awareness and generate additional support, it will have incredible impact in government.

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4. Support the Fight for Poker Rights

We can't win the fight for your poker rights without the proper financial support of the poker community. As you know, we are up against one of the richest people in the world in Sheldon Adelson. He has said he will "spend whatever it takes" to outlaw online poker and he has already invested millions. We need your help to fight back. Please donate what you can so we have and strong defense against Mr. Adelson and others who want to take your poker rights away.

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