About Us

Mission Statement

The Poker Players Alliance (PPA) is a non-profit membership organization comprised of online and offline poker players. Our membership consists of enthusiasts from around the United States who have joined together to speak with one voice to promote the game and protect the right to play poker in all its forms.

The PPA’s mission is to establish favorable laws that provide poker players with a secure, safe and regulated place to play. Through education and awareness the PPA will keep this game of skill, one of America’s oldest recreational activities, free from egregious government intervention and misguided laws.

The Threat Is Real

Even as public support for poker grows and interest in the game expands through televised celebrity matches and other events, several states and localities are making changes to laws that encroach on poker players’ abilities to play online, at home, in bars or taverns, and even at charity events across the country. Moreover, some at the federal level have dedicated themselves to putting an end to interactive poker. In 2006 Congress passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act a law which seeks to keep you from playing poker over the Internet. This misguided law can be curtailed, and the PPA is working right now with Congress to establish new laws that clarify the legal status of poker and establish licensed and regulated Internet poker in the U.S.

The PPA understands that over-zealous, big government policies start out as seemingly small, insignificant steps. But if left unchallenged, such policies would guarantee that poker players from Bakersfield, California to Bangor, Maine, would be at risk of losing their freedom to play poker.

Playing Our Best Hand

The Poker Players Alliance is committed to defending the rights of poker players. On behalf of our broad membership, we will promote and protect poker through advocacy work in Washington, D.C., and throughout the nation. The Poker Players Alliance will work with key lawmakers to ensure a thoughtful and productive dialogue that represents everyone who enjoys and wants to protect the game.

But the Poker Players Alliance’s most powerful resource is its membership base, the players. Through our Web site, www.theppa.org, and through direct contact with our members, the Poker Players Alliance is empowering poker players and enthusiasts to deliver positive messages about the game and why it should be protected to federal, state, and local elected representatives.

PPA Membership

As a member of the Poker Players Alliance, you will be given the necessary tools to become an advocate for poker. Your concerns are important to your elected officials. Through your Poker Players Alliance membership, you will be able to deliver the positive message about poker and why it should be protected directly to your federal, state, and local elected representatives. You will also be updated with the latest news about the threats we face as poker players, as well as with interesting information about key issues that impact our ability to play.

Our collective voice can make a difference to protect our rights to play poker.